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Introducing….Injury Claims Surrey


Injury Claims Ltd brings you the great and good people of Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and South West London Injury Claims Surrey.

Yes, we know there are hundreds of thousands of Personal Injury Claims websites. Most of them will text you, ring, annoy and down right pi@@ you off.

What makes Injury Claims Surrey different?

We want to give you all the information you need to make a personal injury claim if YOU chose to do so. We want to provide you with a Solicitor Firm that is not only has a local office. But your Injury Claim is dealt with in that office. This will also mean your claim is handled by a local Solicitor. And more importantly, a Solicitor who actually specialises in handling your type of injury claim.

What claims do we deal with?

So if you were in a car accident or on your bicycle. Tripped or fallen over some dodgy paving in the high street. Slipped on a wet floor in a night club. Fell off a ladder and suffered an injury at work. Was involved in a car accident where the other driver failed to stop ( a hit and run)  had no insurance. Or even if you were attacked without any provocation and many other types of claims then please feel free to browse this site.

leave a comment if you will (be kind It is a work in progress), and if you want to let me know by email, text or phone if we can help you get set up and with a local interested and more importantly specialist solicitor who wants to win your claim. Ring: 0800 195 6387

But why a local site?

Too many of these claims companies just want to capture your details and sell you on to the highest bidder. In fact, unless you have replied to an advert or a website like this then you have been approached illegally. These firms may claim to be local but your solicitor and claim may well be run from an office the other side of the country. They will tell you that it can all be handled by email and phone. Nothing beats a local specialist solicitor who knows the area. Who if need be can easily see you in their office or your home. Whilst we won’t lie, we don’t just do this because we are nice as we have to pay the bills. We do want you to get the best service and the fairest/ best settlement. We also want YOU to claim when it suits YOU. In fact, we will not be texting you. We will not be phoning you. We will not email you. So if you don’t respond to this and check out my website then we will probably never speak to you ever!!!

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