All about Injury Claims Ltd

We at Injury Claims Ltd are here to make your claim run as smooth and as painless as possible. You have already had the accident and the injury and do not need any more stress.

As a company, we only use local specialist solicitors who want to help you. Not just any old Solicitor who will pay us. All Solicitors that work with us do so on a No Win No Fee basis.

You can rest assured that if need be as your Solicitor is local you don't have a 6-hour journey to visit them or likewise they visit you.

We Do NOT cold call

It is a fundamental principle of Injury Claims Ltd that we will ONLY ever contact someone who has specifically asked us to contact them. Our Method of advertising is either through promoted Ads or through organic search.

make your claim how you want to

What makes Injury Claims Ltd Different?

We only take real claims that have a prospect of winning. If you have no claim or in our opinion have limited or no prospects of success we will be honest with you.

We only use local solicitors. All solicitors will be in the relevant county of the website or within 25 miles of your address to ensure we get the best solicitor for you and not just the nearest.

Solicitors will specialise in Personal Injury Claims, where possible we will ensure that the Firms will further specialise specifically in YOUR type of Personal Injury Claim.

Your Solicitor will work for YOU on a No Win No Fee basis, this does no mean your claim is free, far from it. But what it does mean is that if you don't get any compensation then you are not charged.

We will not claim to settle your claim fast. While it seems common practice with other websites to promise fast payouts. Your claim is important to us and is about helping you get back to where you were health wise prior to your injury claim. Being injured the last thing you need is a quick settlement only to find you are still suffering years later as all settlements are 'in full and final'.

We do not interfere or try to rush your solicitor to settle your claim. If you are still not 101% back to health you need to inform your solicitor and they will take the best course of action for YOU.

We will try to get you the best award that YOU are entitled to. The government have made it difficult but not impossible for Solicitors to spend lots of time on individual claims by restricting what a Solicitor can earn however firms working with you are committed to getting YOU the best deal that they can.


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Company Details

Our company registration number is: 10759101

We are an appointed representative of Keystone Legal Benefits Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Finacial Conduct Authority under regestration number 313653.

Registered Office: Chart House, 2 Effingham Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7JN.