Assaulted? Attacked? Not your Fault you could qualify for a claim through the CICA scheme

It is very frightening when you are attacked and you don't know why? theĀ emotional effects alone might mean you can make a claim but if you have been injured and required medical attention then read on.

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Attacked? Assaulted?

Sadly and for some reason, it is a fact of life that some people just cannot control their tempers and think that it is ok to attack someone.


The loss of temper can be caused by many things and it is not just limited to being drunk. The first thing to realise is that we have access to a specialist who only works on these types of claims. Unlike most firms of solicitors who are a jack of all trades, our is a specialist.


If the person that attacked you is unknown or is not covered by any insurance then you will need to consider making a claim through the CICA this is the government funded organisation that provides compensation to those members of the public that are injured in an unprovoked attack.


T0 qualify for a CICA claim you need to have not only reported the attack as soon as reasonably possible ( being in a comma is acceptable for as a reason for a delay, was too busy or forgot is not). The claim you are making is for an attack less than 2 years ago.


In addition, you need to have been injured sufficiently to have needed multiple visits to your local hospital, GP or therapist. It will also need to be an unprovoked attack. Recently the CICA have tightened up on paying compensation to people with an active criminal record. If your criminal record is spent then you should be fine unless it is a serious offence. If your criminal record is still live but for a minor offence you should be fine but we will need to check first.



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