Making a Bicycle injury Claim

Don't just chose any old Solicitor

have one that specialises in dealing with your bicycle injury claim and knows the types of roads you had your accident on

bicycle accident claims
bicycle injury claim

A Bicycle accident is just different.

People forget that you are not in a car surrounded by 1 tonne of metal and numerous airbags.

That you are not walking @ 3.1 miles per hour and falling over at that slow speed.

It is often too hot to wear body armour and you are not at work in steel toe caps and reinforced clothing.

What you are is a person travelling @ 13mph protected by a polystyrene and plastic helmet and a layer or 2 of cotton or if very keen lycra.

You are treated like a fellow road user when it suits. But then shouted at and abused for riding on the road when you delay other road users.  The life of a cyclist is a thankless and often dangerous one whether you ride to commute or ride for pleasure.

So why do you ride? Well for me it is pleasure and commuting. It is fitness and less stress than sitting stuck in traffic, so it is worth the risk.

But woe betides anyone who damages my bike or me. I will claim to have both my bike and my body fully repaired as quickly as possible. Why should you suffer the pain, expense and delays when it was someone else's fault.

There is no shame in making an Honest claim. Ring today to discuss what happened. We will talk you through the process of how to make a bicycle injury claim. What to expect and how long it might take  Ring: 0800 195 6387

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Making a Bicycle Accident claim

Were you involved in a bicycle accident that wasn't your fault? Are you looking for a bicycle injury lawyer? Well, you have come to the right place. Our specialist solicitor is not just any old Personal Injury Solicitor they are experienced in handling your bicycle injury claim as they are the world's number online bicycle retailers solicitor of choice for bicycle injury claims. So if you have had a bike accident yesterday or even a bike accident today talk to Injury Claims Surrey today and let us help you back on the road to recovery. Our cycle accident solicitor will help you with your bike crash. Not only will they try to get you maximum compensation for your injuries they will also get your bicycle repaired or replaced along with any clothing you were wearing at the time.

Being knocked off your bike is no laughing matter and is a frightening experience, if the accident involved a vehicle then the injuries from car accidents multiple the potential for serious injury, it is not unheard of that you may end up with a whiplash injury compensation claim as a result of a bike crash.

Whatever you do, try to write down as much as you can the circumstances surrounding your accident. Any witnesses, if the police attended and the all important details of the person that caused your accident. If it was not directly a person and was the road surface then if you can help track down the local authority responsible even better.

Finally, you have by law 3 years to make your bicycle injury claim but experience shows that the earlier you make a claim the better the prospects of success as everything is fresh in everyone's mind.