Can I claim for my injury if a was involved in a hit and run?or even if they were uninsured?

Yes, you can. If the person that caused your personal Injury was uninsured or the Car accident was a hit and run then you can still make an injury claim.

There is an insurer-funded scheme that pays out for personal injuries caused by drivers of cars who cause an accident that results in a compensation claim who were uninsured and also they will pay out for your injury claim if you were injured and the other driver left the scene.

Injury Claims Surrey can provide you with a specialist solicitor who deals specifically with MIB claims. Don't settle for second best go with an expert in this field of claiming. Many solicitor firms claim to be able to deal with your MIB claim but our Solicitor ONLY runs MIB hit and run claims.

Claiming for your MIB car accident cannot be easier

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Once we have enough details we can tell you if we believe you have a claim that could succeed with the MIB.

We will then submit your claim and wait for the MIB's response.

It is a government run scheme so the response could take a while which is another reason to not delay in making your MIB accident injury claim.

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