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How Injury Claims Surrey will aim to help you


Our role is to speak to you in the first instance. Listen to what you have to say and make a decision if in our opinion we feel you have some prospects of success refer your claim to a specialist Solicitor. Injury Claims Ltd will not charge you anything for doing this. We will never ask you to take out any loan, sign anything, or enter into any contract with us. We do not give you legal advice. That is the job of specialist solicitors.

If we feel we cannot help you, we will let you know, and of course if your accident was within the last 3 years (or within 3 years from your 18th birthday) you are still free to seek advice elsewhere immediately to get a second or third opinion.

Injury Claims Ltd will assist you in making contact with an independent local firm of solicitors. You are free to choose any other solicitor. Any solicitor we refer you to is an independent professional from whom you should receive impartial and confidential advice. The solicitors should always act in your best interests; this is a requirement of their professional body.

We do not provide legal advice or other work undertaken on your behalf by these solicitors firms. Your solicitor firm will give you their independent advice about the use of legal expenses insurance and any medico-legal reporting agency. These firms may pay Injury Claims Ltd for our marketing services, call handling and other services. This does not affect the value of your claim in any way. If your accident claim was over 2 years ago, do not wait, contact the solicitor firm immediately.

Injury Claims Ltd is always interested in what happens to your claim and how it is handles

For that reason we ask the solicitors to provide brief details of the progress and outcome of your case. We treat this information confidentially, but if you do not want the solicitor to report this information, please instruct them accordingly.

Law Society Accreditation

Our member firms have been specially selected as they are local to you and specialize in personal injury accident claims. In England and Wales every one of our firms has an accredited member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority Personal Injury panel.



Site information

The contents of the website do not constitute legal advice and you should always consult a suitably qualified lawyer on any specific legal problem.

The site is designed to give you some information about claiming compensation for injuries in accidents and, if you wish, help you start a claim with a specialist solicitor in your area. We are here to help You.

Our policy against abusive calls

We appreciate the industry we operate in has a bad reputation and most people whether being involved in and accident or not regularly get bombarded with cold calls, emails and texts and you may feel when contacted by injury claims ltd annoyed. We can assure you that we will never cold call you and will only ever contact you if asked to do so. We operate a zero tolerance policy towards the abuse of our employees who have a right to carry out their work without fear of being abused. Malicious or abusive calls are a criminal offence under Section 43 of the Telecommunications Act 1984, and NAH will not hesitate to report such acts to the police.

Contacting us

When telephoning Injury claims surrey we inform you that calls may be recorded and used for internal training and regulatory compliance purposes only.

If you phone us and we answer, you will be put through directly to an injury claims surrey advisor  who will be able to talk you through the claims process and any queries you may have. If you phone at any other time, you will be able to leave a message and arrange for a specialist advisor to call you back during the times above.

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