Injury Types

Physical Injuries

To make a personal injury claim you need to have suffered an injury. It needs to be an injury that can be evidenced by a medical professional. This sounds obvious but comes as a surprise to some. There are the odd exceptions to this rule. Scarring is one where it is often obvious what the injury is.  This does not need an expert to confirm. However, you may still need to see a specialist further down the road to discuss if it is permanent and if visible perhaps the prospect of surgery. In fact in current society with the advent of social media, it is often a simple thing to confirm when a scar appeared (as long as it is a visible scar in a not so private place).

Types of Physical injury

There are various types:

  • A Scratch (generally by its self this is not serious enough to warrant a claim).
  • A Bruise (hematoma)
  • Soft tissue damage (might not result in bruising ala a Whiplash claim)
  • A cut ( depending on depth and length will dictate if it will scar)
  • Ligament damage, sprained or torn.
  • Joint damage
  • Broken or Fractured bones
  • Loss of limb
  • Death

Emotional and Phycological Injuries

These are often attached to a physical injury and often will need to be backed up by receiving therapy prescribed by the hospital and or GP.

  • Stress (as caused by say a car accident
  • Emotional trauma in seeing a loved one in a serious accident
  • Nightmares (reliving the accident)
  • Migraines brought about since the accident
  • Headaches (this should not be ignored)
  • Mood swings


broken bones often need surgery
all personal injury claims need an injury