Social Media and Injury claims

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Making a Personal Injury Claim and Social Media

social media and injury claims



Social media and injury claims. People who make a claim for personal injury think that is it. Make the claim and sit back and get your compensation money for your no win no fee claim.

Sadly that is not it at all. You think those big old multi-billion pound insurance companies just go ‘ah that’s a shame. Mr Smith got hit by one of our insured drivers @ 3mph and ended up with severe whiplash ad wants £3000 ok let’s pay him!!’ er no.

if you are not injured don't post it

Medical /GP Notes

First off if your claim is over £1000 then you will need to go to a medical to assess the level of your injuries. Don’t worry this is not a full on behind a curtain drop your trousers and cough type of medical. No this is a meet @ a hotel to see a specialist (a Doctor or GP getting paid £200 per person for looking at them and asking a few questions for 5 minutes type meeting). Along with your GP providing your notes going back a decade or so.

So let’s just touch on that for a second. If you have claimed that your back was injured (let’s stay with the whiplash scenario). And have severe whiplash and you have not had any problems before with this type of injuries. But low and behold your GP notes show you as a serial visitor to their surgery complaining about back problems. Whilst this does not in its self-mean you were not injured in your accident. It does cast some doubt as to how badly injured you were.

Now on to the serious bit about social media and injury claims.

The big insurers love to stand on a soap box and scream to every media agency they can speak to (it helps when they are one of the biggest advertisers in the media) after they have uncovered a fraudulent claim (obviously the other 99.99999% of non-fraudulent claims they don’t want to mention). But anyway when they find this one person in 1000 who over eggs or exaggerates or worse completely fabricates a claim they want to tell everyone about it. That way they can then drone on about the ‘compensation culture’ blab blah blah.

insurers are watching you

Now, how do they find these fraudsters I hear you ask? is it done by men in grey long rain coats who hide in the shadows? Staking out their address and filming them going about their daily routine, well in the old days perhaps yes. But nowadays all they need do is locate the claimant’s social media account and sit back and wait for those all important photos and videos to be uploaded.

So the moral of this little story is iff you are thinking of making a claim. Then make it an honest claim. Don’t over exaggerate your injuries because you think they might never find out (well they might not) but it is getting harder to fake. And whatever you do if you are claiming you are in a wheelchair unable to walk unaided for more than 20 meters don’t go posting on Facebook how during your 2 weeks all inclusive holiday you went paragliding and cliff climbing. In Fact just like this guy did.

posting on social media and making a personal injury claim does not work

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