Injured in a car accident?

Not your fault?

There is no shame in making an injury claim if you have been injured.


Why you should make a car accident injury claim

There are many types of car accidents and not all involve a personal injury. But if it does then you are entitled to claim and you should do so. It is not milking the system, adding to the compensation culture or not British (stiff upper lip and all that). That is all propaganda that the insurers have paid millions in advertising to convince you it is wrong to claim.

Insurance is there to be used, why else have it?

The car that hit you is normally insured (if not you may still be able to make a claim through the MIB scheme, drop us a line and we can help). that insurance specifically will have cover to pay out if you are injured. Sadly the amount you get is not like America, it is small and is simply to help put you financially back to where you were before the accident.

So do not stress about the right or wrongs of claiming, the only stress is if it is your fault then don't claim, if you were not injured don't claim. But if you were injured and it was not your fault then why are you not claiming already it is YOUR right. RING : 08001956387

What If my Partner of Spouse caused the accident?

If you were the passenger in a car involved in an accident and you were injured then you have a right to claim. Even if the person driving was your partner or close friend. If it was just an honest mistake or a momentary lapse of concentration then they should be more than happy for you to claim compensation for your injuries. If the car was damaged in the accident or they hit another car then you making a claim should not affect their insurance any further. Many people worry about their 'no claims discount' but you must weigh up your pain and suffering and potential compensation. For an average Whiplash, claim this is around £1500 to £2000 against an insurance premium that may rise by a few hundred pounds on renewal.



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