Types of claim 

You would have thought after all these years that we would have stamped out most tripping accidents, RTA's and work accidents by now. There has been a massive reduction in total accidents. But for reasons beyond us at Injury Claims Surrey, this fantastic news is not championed in the press. As a result of the changes that have come about as a direct result of people making a personal injury claim this has prevented countless accidents and saved many lives. Yet instead we get moaning about compensation culture and health and safety ridiculed.  Pain and negativity sell papers over good news.

types of injury claims we can help you with

Types of Claim

Road Traffic Accidents

These are broken down into Driver, Passenger, Motor Cycle, Bicycle. Also untraced drivers and the worst possible which is Fatal road accidents. Want to learn more about claiming for a straightforward car accident claim. To learn about a hit and run claims click on the link.

Work Accidents

There are many types of claims involving work accidents and this list is not definitive but here are the most common. Office accidents, Industrial accidents, warehouse accidents, dangerous machinery accidents, care assistant accidents (on premises or at patients address) and farm accidents.

Slip and Trip Accidents

These types of claim should be few or non-existent but sadly still make up a large proportion of claims. There are pavement trips. Supermarket accidents, other shop slips and other public area falls. These should be regularly checked and risk assessed. The council or owner should keep up to date records. They should have taken action in advance where necessary to rectify anything negative picked up on the regular inspections. Of course, a supermarket slip can be caused by leaking refrigerators or dropped/ spilt liquid. What matters here is that the supermarket has a regular system of inspection and record it.

Other Accident types

The unusual or in most cases the most difficult types of claim to win are those that will be the 'other' box.  You have holiday claims, be they accidents or illness. Military accidents, dog bites, sports accidents and that old favourite defective products. To learn more click here.

Medical Negligence

This covers the whole spectrum of medical negligence. From, birth through to hospital negligence, GP negligence, dental negligence, misdiagnosis, and care home claims. These are a specialist type of claim which is often the most life changing. They usually take the longest to settle and worse for those claiming are expensive to start. Currently, we are building this area.

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