Accident Claim? Should you use a local Solicitor?

May 8, 2017 No comments exist

there to answer your questionsDoes it really matter if your chosen solicitor for your Accident Claim is local?

After all you can do everything via the internet and phone these days cant you?


Most Personal Injury Solicitors don’t want you popping in to ‘discuss’ what’s happening with your accident claim in any case. Margins are so tight these days that spending time chatting to a client face to face is actively discouraged. Those that care do. A local Solicitor (within 20 miles of your home) is an essential requirement. They know the local area, they can if required meet you, they can check the location of the accident. In addition follow up statements, all many things that a Solicitor that is at the other end of the country can not do, and basically will not do. Those solicitors can rely upon hiding behind a computer or ignoring your calls if it suits them. your solicitor wont ignore your callsWhilst certainly there is no guarantee a local solicitor will not do the same this unlikely as you can just turn up and ask to be seen.


A local Solicitor is also very much motivated by getting family and friend referrals from providing excellent service. So a local claimant (you) with local contacts is their lifeblood. That is why Injury Claims Surrey only advertise in the local area and ensure that we find only pro active firms that want to win your claim for you. We choose carefully select firms who share our ethos that you are not just another faceless claim. They don’t just want your claim, get you your compensation and then take their fees. So please feel secure in the knowledge not only will we find you a Solicitor firm who specialises in Personal Injury Claims. We provide one who is interested in you AND your claim. Whilst there is no guarantee your claim will win, a local solicitor will give you a the best chance.

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